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Fotis Mini (14 – 21 Maret 2015)

Django Django are a British rock group based in London, England. The quartet of David Maclean (drummer and producer), Vincent Neff (singer and guitarist), Jimmy Dixon (bassist), and Tommy Grace (synthesizer operator) met at Edinburgh College of Art, and formed Django Django in London in 2009. David Maclean is the brother of musician and director John Maclean (formerly of cult Scottish group The Beta Band,) and cousin of singer Lindsey Leven, who performs with Guto Pryce in the band Gulp. Gulp supported Django Django on tour in 2012-2013.

“Our name has absolutely nothing to do with Django Reinhardt”, wrote the band (nicknamed djangovideo in their account on YouTube) beneath the video post for their track ‘WOR’. Because Music released the band’s self-titled debut album on 30 January 2012. The album featured already released singles “Waveforms” and “Default”.The debut album reached number 33 on the UK album charts in the first week of release[12] and was nominated for the 2012 Mercury Prize. The songs “Hail Bop” and “Waveforms” are featured within the games FIFA 13 and GTA 5 respectively


Django Django (2012)

Born Under Saturn (2015)